Monday, December 1, 2014

A Season for Gifting!

Happy Holidays! I just wanted to let everyone know that The Primary Chalkboard is celebrating this month with our own Advent Calendar. 

Each day we will have a little treat for our readers from one of our authors/bloggers. You can only get the treat on that day, so make sure you check back often. Click on the button above to take you over now, and find out which blogger has your special gift today!

So in yesterday's post, I was lamenting about how hard it can be to keep our little darlings focused at this time of year.  I shared my plans for mixing festive fun and academics together, to get through the month.  Happy teacher, happy students, and happy admin.  Should be "all good"!  I thought I would share something else that I will be using during the month of December. 

This month I will continue to reward my students for making good choices and keeping their eyes on the prize, by using my Differentiated Behavior Cards.  But, I be using the Holiday/Winter theme!  My kids love these!

You might want to check this out!  It is on sale today and tomorrow, along with everything else in my store!  Click on either button below to take you to my store :)

These cards a cute way to acknowledge students who are working hard everyday!  Half of them are decidedly "Christmasy" in theme.  But, the other half are winter-themed (Just in case "Christmas" is a no-no where you teach.) They are also EDITABLE (in case, you are not a fan of my silly little sayings - lol)  and include 3 class-size POSTERS, too!

All you do is give each child a card (there are four to a sheet) or let them pick their own design.  Then, as often you like, punch, sign, or stamp each student's card, if they have made good choices for the day.  (I collect cards at the end of the day, and they are tied into our classroom behavior chart.  But, these are completely flexible!)  When the child fills up their card, they can earn a small reward!

  I hope you will give them a try.  I know your students will like this novel way of saying "good job". (If you want to find out a bit more about these cards, I have a set available in my store, for FREE !)



  1. I really like this idea! I just pinned this post for future reference :)
    My students would love the holiday cards (& perfect timing with the super-excited behavior!). Thanks for the freebie to try it out! Jen

  2. Thanks, Jen! This has been a very positive and powerful, behavior management tool in my classroom, for years!




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