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Magical Product Swap- Presenting Aimee Salazar

Today, I am so excited to be participating in Jessica Stanford's Magical Product Swap.

Through the Swap, I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful mother, blogger, and teacher, Aimee Salazar.  Aimee is a die-hard crafter, and mom to a beautiful 3 year old daughter.  She is married to her high school sweetheart (so cool), and loves teaching second grade.  This will be her 8th year at second grade and she loves teaching this age group because they are eager to learn, and independent, but still sweet.

Aimee was kind enough to let me pick anything I wanted in her store.  Talk about a kid in a candy store.  In the end, I chose her Fun with Ten Frames! workbook, available in her TPT store.  This workbook is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Operations and Algebraic Thinking 2.0a.1 (Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction) and 2.0a.2 (Add and Subtract within 20).   

I chose this workbook because every year, I am always astonished at how many of my students have such a poor sense of numbers.  I could just pull my hair out when I see a 7 year old child who still has to count all five fingers on their hand (using their chin, mind you) to count to five!  Aaaaghhh!  Five!  Five!  You have five fingers on each hand!.....whew....sorry about that....

Anyway, I thought I could really improve my students' number sense with the materials that are included in this workbook.  Here is a pic of how I used the materials available in this download.

The workbook consists of three parts: 

Part One has students identifying numbers represented as ten frames.  Aimee also included a set of large ten frame cards for whole/small group practice!  She is so clever.

First, we used the large ten frame cards (#1-10) and our two-sided counters.  We placed a counter on each circle, and counted out loud and then wrote the number next to the frame.  

I also made flashcards out of the large ten frame cards.  I will use them to strengthen their sense of numbers/quantities and reinforce the strategy of "counting on".

I also cut up some of the larger quantity ten-frames to make flashcards for # 11-20.  We will practice these once the kids have mastered #1-10.

The workbook includes a place for students to write the number next to each ten frame from 0-20.

Part Two asks students to use ten frames to solve number sentences.

Here the students are given one addend in the frame, and the students draw in the remaining addend, to find the sum.  I love this part because it, once again, can be used to reinforce "counting on" and I can send it home for homework (no manipulatives needed!) or assign it as classwork.  

Finally, Part Three asks students to write number sentences based on ten frame models. 

This part is great as an intro into fact families which is another biggie for us in second grade.  Here, students are asked to write both an addition and subtraction number sentence for the ten-frame that is shown.

I am really excited to be using this packet with my new 2nd graders.  I really feel that these materials will help me develop stronger thinkers who have a firm grasp on numbers.  Once again, you can find this wonderful product, Fun with Ten Frames! workbook by clicking on the link.

Make sure you check out Aimee's great blog, Primarily Speaking, for some great ideas and tips! 
Primarily Speaking 

To find more great products created by Aimee, visit her Tpt store HERE.

Thanks again to Jessica Stanford and Aimee Salazar for all their creativity and generosity.  Don't forget to check out other product reviews by clicking on the Magical Product Swap button at the beginning of this post.

Until next time.

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  1. Wow, I'm blushing over what a great review you wrote about my little ol' product. Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it useful! Like you, I am dumbfounded each year with the lack of number sense that my students have.

    I love how you stapled the book in a cover; last year I just stapled it as a packet. Well, not this year! The book is more official, more special this way, and I love it! This was a really fun experience!

    Primarily Speaking



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