Monday, July 30, 2012

One Last Hoorah...and My First Day of School

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from camping at the beach for 4 days.  We had so much fun. Every year my father's side of the family puts on a big family reunion.  It is a relaxing time for me, and has created many cherished memories for my kids.  There is no other way that I would want to spend the last few days of my vacation.

So, yes, I started school yesterday!  I finished my room the day before I left for the camping trip.  I still have a lot of organizing (a.k.a  purging) to do.  But, all the areas that are visible to the eye are pretty much in order.

Here are some pics of the (almost) finished product.  As I mentioned before, I really ended up liking the lime green and teal together.  Believe it or not, it creates a very serene atmosphere inside the classroom.  

Below is my computer/docucam desk area and my Non-Fiction bulletin board.  I downloaded the Non-Fiction charts on the right from Primary Punch on Tpt HERE.  They're free!

I made the posters on the left to go with a beginning lesson where we discuss how fiction and non-fiction are different from one another.  You can download them HERE, for free.

This next area is my phonics word wall and Accelerated Reader board.  

Students receive a star/stamp/sticker for every 100% they receive on a test.  When they fill their incentive card, they receive a free coupon to a local restaurant, and a treat from my treasure chest. 

Speaking of AR.  As you can tell by these pictures, I have a Promethean Board.  I do EVERYTHING on that board and absolutely love it!  But, if you are like me, you might have been left with a lot of these...

Ever wondered what to do with these casualties of the interactive whiteboard?  Well, since I now do my calendar on the whiteboard, I have been thinking of what to do with these little guys.  

One thing I did to reuse these was to use them in my AR testing management.

This pocket chart has a pocket for each student (I use student numbers in my classroom). Each pocket holds three cards for each student.

Green means, "Everything is great.  I have a book, and I am reading."  

Yellow cards are put under the "I need to take a test" sign.  Students are trained to put their yellow cards back into their pocket when they take their test and also, to notify the next student when they are done testing. Most of the time, that last step is not necessary, as students pay close attention to where they are in the testing line. 

Finally, the red card means, "I am out of books, and I need to go to the library."  This system makes AR and library very easy to manage.

Ok, moving on....The picture below is of my reading board.  We will list the strategies we learn through out the year under each column.  The areas are Comprehension, Responding to Text, Accuracy, Fluency, and Terms and Vocabulary.  I downloaded these signs from Ladybug Teacher Files, for Free!  Click HERE to download your own.

Remember those cubbies that I emptied out after buying the green organizing bins to organize my math manipulatives?  

I ended up using those cubbies to organize my language arts and math intervention materials.

Here is the view from the back of the class.  If you are wondering about my long midievil table set up here.  I really don't have much choice.  My student desks are very long, and I like lots of empty space.  

So that's pretty much where my room is for now.  Notice that all the pics are of the front of the room.  Yeah, the back still needs some work.  That will have to be a work in progress.  

Anyway, we had a very good day today.  The students are very sweet, and I am looking forward to getting back to the business of teaching.  

Want to see more classrooms?  I'm linking up with Swimming into Second who is having a Classroom Reveal Linky Party.  Just click on the button below.
See ya tomorrow!



  1. I love the way everything matches in your classroom and even in your blog!
    Love the colors and the cubbies. Well done!

  2. I had my desks set up that way two years ago and it worked really well for the group I had that year. Opened up a lot of space in the room too.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. I have decided to go with the same colors as I enter my 27th year of teaching. I use polka dots on the borders. Love your room!

  4. Your room looks great! I love your AR board. That's a great idea! Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  5. I love the colors in your room! So peaceful! Hope it's that kind of year for you. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun



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