Monday, April 23, 2012

Post Earth Day Guilt

I  was thinking about  re-using and recycling today.  Call it post Earth Day guilt.  Anyway, I remembered a project that I used to make to recognize my students' birthdays.  Now, I don't know about you, but spending my birthday at school is not exactly my favorite way to celebrate my big day.  Well, our students feel the same way! 

Now, I know I did not invent this, and maybe you've seen it before...but it is always good to review these things.  I present.... wait for it.........paper towel roll and tissue box birthday gifts!  You're sceptical, I see.  Read on.

So if you have never seen these before, here is what you will need:  paper towel rolls and/or empty tissue boxes (I have a gazillion of these during flu season), scissors, tape, ribbon or yarn, tissue paper, construction or wrapping paper, and little treats or surprises to put into the containers.  Here is a photo for the visual learners, like myself:

I love these little gifts because who doesn't like to open a wrapped gift?  It just feels special, and I want my students to feel special on their big day.  All you have to do is fill them with whatever treats you like.  I usually put in a bookmark, pencil, and a No Homework pass.  I don't put in candy anymore.   In the past, I  had my parent volunteer make these at the end of the school year for my next year's class. However, have you ever had year-old chocolate? Bleh!  Forgive me, June babies.

Moving on.  Wrap them with whatever paper you have handy and tie them off with ribbon or yarn.  I usually always have remnants from old projects in my art closet. When you are done, they will look something like this:

Now I ask you, who wouldn't want to come to school on the one day of the year that celebrates their very existence, to find one of these little lovelies on their desk?  Exactly.  Best Teacher Ever Award goes to YOU!

Need more ideas?  Head over to Sunny Days in Second Grade by clicking the image below.


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  1. What a cute idea for birthdays!! I bet your students love it when it is their special day!

    I am a new follower!


  2. Thanks, they really did like it. I don't know why I didn't make them for this year. Thankfully, I have a wonderful parent volunteer again this year. I will ask her to help me make them for next year.

    Thanks for following, Teresa.


  3. What a fun and easy idea! That's one if my goals for next year, to not just hand the kiddo a pile of birthday goodies, like I did today, but make it special. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sara, I love ideas like this that put me ahead of the game. I'm glad you liked it, too.


  5. I love the idea of wrapping them! Not sure why I never thought of it, and I love your simple solution :) Thanks for sharing!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. You are so welcome. It's the wrapping that really makes it feel special. Don't you think? Anyway, they just love it. They beam!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.




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