Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wishlists, a Surprise, and an Introduction

I am linking up with Ffion and Morgan over at All that Glitters in Teaching for their Wishlist Wednesday! 

What? Yes, I know it's Thursday.  But, this looked like too much fun to pass up.  Just humor me.  :)

1) This item has been on my TPT wishlist for a few weeks now, and I MUST, MUST have it!  Please don't hate me for adding to your cart.  

2nd Grade Reading Interactive Notebook (aligned with the CCSS  $    2nd Grade Reading Interactive Notebook (aligned with the CCSS) $

This gem was created by Nicole Shelby from Teaching with Blonde Ambition. It is adorable (A), and (B) covers all of the 2nd grade CCSS standards for Reading - including Literature, Informational, and Foundational Skills!  

I have limited wall space in my classroom, and I hate clutter!  This notebook is perfect for anchoring students learning, and will be the perfect reference tool all year long!  It really is amazing.  I mean, really.

Unfortunately for us,

Yesterday, Nicole posted a 2nd Grade Language Notebook, too! 

2nd Grade Language Interactive Notebook (Common Core aligned) $  2nd Grade Language Interactive Notebook (Common Core aligned) $

Why, Nicole?!! Why?!!  My cart seriously already overfloweth!  Click on the covers to learn more.

2)  On my wishlist for my classroom.  Well, besides a guided reading library, less students, and 1:1 Ipads (a girl can dream) would have to be this

Units of Study for Primary Writing by Lucy Calkins.  I love Lucy!  Has anyone used this? Because I am seriously thinking about buying this with my own money.  I really want to rev up my writing program this year.  I would love to hear your reviews of this set, or share another resource that has made a great impact on your little writers. 

3) My "I Just Want It" is 

Apple Macbook Pro

This goes back to yesterday's post.  If you missed it, I threw my back out because I have been hunched over my PC for hours on end.  I need a new set up, and I am thinking laptop and couch - or maybe I will change it up and do, laptop and bed.  LOL

Alright friends, I told you it would be fun, right?  

I also mentioned yesterday that I had something in the works.  So here is another big hint!

One more thing -  I know this is long, but I have 12 days of not posting to make up for - I want to introduce you to me!  The little avatar by my signature was made by the amazingly talented Crystal Fox from The Library Fox.  She is so awesome, and I am completely thrilled with my "mini-me"! Now, before you get all excited, I just saw on her TPT page that she is taking a little break (July through early August) from making mini-mes so that she can get ready for school.  But, she is an amazing clip artist with a unique style and perspective.  So stop by her store and blog.



  1. I own the Lucy Calkins Intermediate set. My district adopted her writing program several years ago. When they opened our school, they ordered two sets per grade level. Fortunately, my principal realized that we each needed our own set to make it work and ordered the difference. Step 1: Convince your principal you need it and it will improve your student's writing.

    Step 2: If your principal says no, maybe you could try to get it through Donor's Choose.

    Just some thoughts!

    1. So Kristin, I am gathering that you like this. Thanks so much for your feedback.


  2. I love your wishlist items! I've used the Lucy Calkin's series for the last 5 years in first grade and really liked it. The only thing I saw was that it didn't quite link up to Common Core. This year when we fully switched to Common Core I found myself still using Lucy, but also having to bring in an number of outside resources and materials to teach the new standards. But, that might also just be because our Lucy Calkin's materials were a few years old, she might have an updated version now.

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  3. Thanks so much for linking up with us!! I so badly want the Lucy Calkins books too, but the set was soo much! I bought a few them individually on eBay. :)

    Ffion from All That Glitters in Teaching14

  4. Well, what's two more items in the cart? Thanks for sharing these neat notebooks from Nicole Shelby.



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