Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teachers Helping Moore, Oklahoma

In the wake of the devastation caused by last week's tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, it easy to feel overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness.  I have been looking for ways to help those touched by this tragedy, in a meaningful way.  

I am so proud to say, that within hours of receiving the news about the tornado, large groups of teachers were rallying to put together several fundraising efforts to help both the teachers, and people, of Moore.  It is reflective of the caring and loving nature of those called to this wonderful profession.

So what can we do?  

1) The sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers have generously donated products to four bundles--two for K-2 and two for 3-6.  Each bundle sells for a $25 donation, and all proceeds will go directly to help the teachers in Moore, Oklahoma recover, and move forward, from this tragedy.  You will find a listing of all the products in the K-2 Bundle 2, as well as links to the other bundles, HERE.

2) Many sellers were not able to donate to the bundles above, due to size limitations on files.  But, so many of us still wanted to help.  Thankfully, Donna, over at Math Coach's Corner, has organized a Blog Hop of teacher sellers who are donating all, or a part of, their profits to the tornado relief effort.  

I am donating 100% of the profits from my store on Memorial Day, to the Red Cross, earmarked for Moore, Oklahoma relief. My entire store will be 10% off on Monday, May 27th, 2013 - so empty your wishlist, fill up your cart, and help the tornado victims at the same time.  Click HERE to go to my TPT store.

If you are interested in visiting other sellers who are doing the same, click HERE!

3) Ashley, over at The Teacher's Treasure Chest, has also put together a fantastic primary bundle, once again from donations from generous teacher sellers, including Deedee Wills, Anna Brantley, and Deanna Jump! The proceeds from that bundle will go to the Red Cross.

4) You can also make a donation directly to the Red Cross.  One thing I have learned is that, if you want your donation to go directly to the recovery effort in Moore, Oklahoma, you must specifically state that on your check, or when making your online donation.  Here is the link for the Red Cross.

5) Looking for more ways to help out?  Check out this article from NBC.New. com.

Stay safe, and be grateful!

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