Friday, May 3, 2013

Calming the Chaos

Welcome to the Calming the Chaos Blog Hop hosted by 2peasandadog.
All of us bloggers have come together to share our top tips for making the last month of school run smoothly. Visit each of our blogs to learn something new and catch a freebie or two!  Happy Hopping.

Are you exhausted yet?  This is the time of the year where teachers have to be more creative than ever.  Put on your tap shoes, people! Trying to gain and keep students' attention can be more challenging than ever.  So, I will share an idea, and then I would love to hear what you do in your classroom.  So please, leave your ideas in the comment section at the end of this post!

My absolute favorite, go-to strategy, is taking any lesson and adding an opportunity for students to get up and move around the room.  I use Kagan's Cooperative Learning structure "Mix-Pair-Share" A  LOT!  If you are not familiar with this, here are the steps:

I use this simple structure to have students respond to questions or prompts about a lesson, share their writing pieces, and find fluency buddies.   

Thanks for stopping by! Keep on hopping!

Primary Grades


  1. Hi again, Nicole! Nice to see you on the hopping trail - great freebie!

    Susanna Westby
    Whimsy Workshop

    1. Thanks Susanna, Just popped over to your blog and entered your Giveaway! Pick Me, Pick Me! LOL :)


  2. What a great idea! The kids will love this for sure!! Thanks for sharing! So glad we found each other! ;)



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