Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Freebie, a Giveaway, and I am not Apologizing!

So do you have friends where you can go weeks or months without seeing or even talking to them?  But, when you come back together, it is like no time has passed at all.  No one needs to say "sorry," or feel bad for not having picked up the phone.  Each of you understands the other, and you're just so happy to reunite, that it doesn't even matter. 

This scenario describes my current relationship status with my blog.  I don't have to apologize.  I know she understands that I have been through "Back-to-School Hell  Week" TIMES SIX.  She welcomes me with open arms, as I begin to write for the first time in almost a month.  Maybe we will get mani-pedis after...hee, hee.

I hope everyone is having a great 2012-2013 school year. I can finally say, I am loving my class, and am hopeful that we will have a very productive year.  (Can I just say, I love where this post is going.  It sounds so positive, and upbeat.  Maybe I am becoming less cynical with age.  Or, maybe it's the fact that yesterday was the last day of school, and I am looking straight into the eyes of two weeks of Fall Break heaven.  Woo, hoo!)

Nonetheless, without making any false promises to my blog or my fabulous followers.  I am hopeful that I will be able to share a little bit about my BTS journey with you, and what I have been up to.

But for today,  a small celebration.  

First, I have a small freebie to share with you.  Mel over at Graphics From the Pond was generous enough to offer some cute ghost clip art to myself and others.  In class, we were working on place value up until yesterday.  I anticipate that we will continue on with that after we return from the break, and through the end of October.  So, I made a couple of Comparing Numbers worksheets using those adorable little ghosts.  

Click on the images below to download your copy, and then click Mel's Linky Party button to check out some other "ghostly" ideas and freebies.

If you are working on place value, like myself.  I just posted a brand new, fun activity to my store.  It's called "Place Value Around the Room".  This activity is great for those kids who can't stay in one place!  It covers ones, tens, and hundreds and features a cute transportation theme. It can be used several times throughout the year as I have broken it up by tens and ones, hundreds/tens/ones, and complete review.  It also includes directions for making the activity a center in your classroom.  This product is aligned to Common Core Standard 2NBT.3.  Click on one of the images below to purchase your own copy.

Finally,  Olivia over at Liv to Teach is celebrating 500 followers at her Tpt store with a fantastically fun Giveaway!  She has over 42 products up for grabs for one lucky winner.  I have donated my "I Have, Who Has? - Segmenting and Blending Short Vowels Bundle".  

Click on her button below to enter, and see what other amazing products are being offered.

Well, it's been just like old times. 


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