Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Work in Progress....but aren't we all?

As I type these first words, I am realizing that I am officially a blogger.  I am so excited.  Well, actually... "no",  I think it could be more anxious.  Maybe, even nauseous.  I get those two confused all the time.  But, I will push through my blogging reservations to complete my first post. I go:

This blog, my life, and my teaching are a work in progress.  I hope to share what I have learned in my 17 years of teaching, as well as, what I am learning on a day-to-day basis about myself, my students, and my profession.  

Now, I am a little worried that my blog title might lead people to believe I am a bit narcissistic, but actually, every darn, cute phrase with the word "second" or "2nd" was grabbed up long ago.  Trust me, I looked.  

I am actually just a humble mom of two wonderful children, a wife of almost 12 years, a "foodie" (aka: a food snob), a hiker and lover of all things outdoors, and a teacher who has been teaching 2nd grade for 8 years and absolutely loves it!

I am excited to meet and talk with all of you classroom warriors and heroes out there.  So, pardon my dust...and let's talk teaching!

Ok, that wasn't too bad.  I think I can do this.



  1. YEAH!!! I'm so excited! I've become someone's very first follower! I just started my blog in January and as a veteran teacher of 23 years, sometimes I feel waaaaaayyy to old and out of my comfort zone. Most people have been VERY helpful (a few just totally ignore any plea for help), but I believe STRONGLY in treating others as I want to be treated. I am NO pro, by a long shot, but slowly and surely, my blog is starting to come along. Just give me a shout if I can help you in ANY way!


  2. WELCOME TO THE BLOGGER WORLD! I am your newest follower.
    You are going to do it great. It's all about sharing what you do in your classroom.
    I just started my blog a month ago and I love it. I teach first grade but I will loop to second next year.

  3. Welcome to blogging! It's crazy addictive! I found you over at the forums in TPT and am your newest follower! Come by and join in the fun at my blog! "See ya" soon!


  4.'re it! Stop by my blog to see what its all about!


  5. You CAN do it! :) I'm a pretty new blogger myself and I'm excited to follow you and see some of your ideas!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. Thanks for stopping by, following, and giving me so much encouragement. I really appreciate it.




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